April 12, 2019

IAPT is pleased to announce recipients for Grants 2019.

The committee has received 134 applications and has chosen following awardees (in alphabetical order):

ANDRUCHOW COLOMBO Ana (Argentina): Evolution of leaves and seed cones of the conifer family Podocarpaceae base...

April 5, 2019

by Izabella Martins da Costa Rodrigues, Sandra Knapp, João Renato Stehmann

Athenaea Sendtn. nom. cons. is re-established as the correct name for the taxon previously referred to as Aureliana Sendtn. (Withaninae, Solanaceae), which is a later homonym of Aureliana Boehm....

April 5, 2019

by Alexander B. Doweld

The complicated nomenclatural history of the extinct fossil-genera Acitheca and Strephopteris (fertile foliage) and Polymorphopteris (sterile foliage), established for fossil ferns (Marattiopsida), is reviewed and corrected with new bibliographic...

April 5, 2019

by Rudolph Valentino Abrenica Docot, Cecilia Illucipides Banag, Axel Dalberg Poulsen

In 1909, Ridley published Adelmeria characterised by its congested terminal inflorescence with large persistent floral bracts. All five species at some point placed in Adelmeria were sy...

April 5, 2019

by Michelle Mota, John Richard Abbott, Roberto Manuel Salas, Kurt Neubig, José Floriano Barêa Pastore, 

Abstract Three enigmatic lineages of the Polygalaceae endemic to the semi-arid region of Argentina were sampled within the framework of a molecular phylogenetic...

April 5, 2019

by Tania D’haijère, Patrick Mardulyn, Ling Dong, Gregory M. Plunkett, Murielle Simo-Droissart, Vincent Droissart, Tariq Stévart

Previous phylogenetic analyses focused on angraecoid orchids suggested that the genus Ypsilopus was paraphyletic and that some species of Trid...

April 5, 2019

by Piero G. Delprete, Riccardo M. Baldini, Nicolas Fumeaux, Laura Guglielmone

Giovanni Casaretto (1810–1879) was appointed by King Charles Albert of Savoy- Carignano, Kingdom of Sardinia, as the botanist and mineralogist of a planned circumnavigation of the globe....

April 4, 2019

by Gabriele Galasso, Federico Selvi

In this note we designate a lectotype and a supporting epitype for the Linnaean name Myosotis nana L., whose validity has been questioned by some authors. The name is shown to be validly published by Linnaeus and, as such, the co...

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