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Committee on Institutional Votes


  • Nicholas J. Turland (Germany, Chair & Rapporteur-général)

  • Carmen Ulloa Ulloa (U.S.A., Secretary)

  • Alina Freire-Fierro (Ecuador)

  • Bin-Jie Ge (China)

  • Pina Milne (Australia)

  • A. Muthama Muasya (South Africa)

  • Jarosław Proćków (Poland)

Advisor for fungi

  • Teresa Iturriaga (U.S.A.)

Institutional Votes at the XX International Botanical Congress, Madrid, July 2024

Please read Institutional Votes at the XX International Botanical Congress, Madrid, 2024: Report of the Committee on Institutional Votes, which has been published in Taxon and can be freely accessed and downloaded. It contains a list of institutions allocated institutional votes and instructions on how to exercise those votes, should they be needed.

In April 2024, each institution listed in this report should receive a letter advising them of the number of institutional votes allocated and including a form by which a delegate may be authorized to exercise those votes at the Nomenclature Section in Madrid. The letter will be sent by the IAPT office, normally by email, to the correspondent listed for the institution in Index Herbariorum. If your institution’s listed correspondent does not receive this letter (and has checked junk/spam email), you may request a copy from the IAPT office at stating your institution's herbarium acronym and the number of votes allocated in the report.

Please note that institutional votes are exercised by your institution’s authorized delegate in person at the Nomenclature Section and not in the preliminary guiding vote ("mail vote") taking place until 31 May 2024.

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