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Systematist, Taxonomist, specialist in Poaceae, Pooideae, Poa, and Nomenclature.

Editor of Poaceae data and references in Tropicos and Catalogue of New World Grasses,


Internet Catalogue of World Grass Genera: On-line updates, corrections, and synonymy

A WORLD-WIDE PHYLOGENETIC CLASSIFICATION OF POACEAE (GRAMINEAE): căo (草), capim, çayır, çimen, darbha, ghaas, ghas, gish, gramas, graminius, gräser,grasses, gyokh, he-ben-ke, hullu, kasa, kusa, nyasi, pastos, pillu, pullu, zlaki, etc.

Soreng, R. J., P. M. Peterson, K. Romaschenko, G. Davidse, Teisher, L. G. Clark, P. Barberá, L. J. Gillespie & F. O. Zuloaga. 2017. A worldwide phylogenetic classification of the Poaceae (Gramineae) II: An update and a comparison of two 2015 classifications. J. Syst. Evol. 55(4): 259–290.

pdf copies of this and other papers available at

Collection records and grass photos at

Robert J. Soreng

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