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The Maintenance of Species Boundaries of an Endangered Rare Species, Maple-leaf Oak (Quercus acerifolia), under Selection and Gene Flow

Project summary:

Accurate taxonomy is required to delineate rare species. However, hybridizations with close relatives can obscure and disrupt the boundaries of outcrossing rare species, but ecological selection can maintain species integrity. I will study the species boundaries of one endangered species, Maple-leaf Oak (Quercus acerifolia), by using morphological and genomic data.

Cost: $


Yingtong "Amanda" Wu

Highest degree:

Bachelor of Science

Year obtained:


Applicant Status:

Current student


Flowering plants

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Relevant publications (minimum 1, maximum 4):

Wu, Y., Ricklefs, R. E., Huang, Z., Zan, Q., & Yu, S. (2018). Winter temperature structures mangrove species distributions and assemblage composition in China. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 27(12), 1492-1506.

Referee 1:

Robert E. Ricklefs

Referee 2:

Peter Stevens

Scoring Rubric

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Scientific merit


1.  Contribution to novel methods for research in systematics and taxonomy and/or
     Building taxonomic capacity in developing countries

2.  Contribution to the generation of novel systematic data

3.  Quality and significance of questions being addressed

4.  Adequacy of methods for testing hypotheses (data collection/analysis/use of different tools)

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5.  Student's potential for professional success

6.  Perceived need; extent to which the project will benefit from IAPT funding

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7.  The research will yield durable benefits (revisions, databases, websites)

8.  Potential of the proposed project to generate an impactful publication

9.  The proposed research involves outreach/mentoring and broad dissemination

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