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Genera delimitation and floral evolution in the Cyclanthera clade (Cucurbitaceae, Sicyoeae)

Project summary:

My PhD project proposes the re-evaluation of phylogenetic relationships and generic circumscriptions within the Cyclanthera clade, and the reconstruction of hypotheses to understand the evolution of its complex floral morphology. The purpose of the visit to MEXU is to complete my taxonomic review of the Cyclanthera clade species, and to expand the DNA sampling for phylogenetic analyses.

Cost: $


Juana Inés María DE EGEA ELSAM

Highest degree:

M.Sc. in Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity by the University of London - Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Year obtained:


Applicant Status:

Associate Researcher at the CEDIC; Biology Professor at the Biotechnology Department (Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay); Researcher Level II (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología, Paraguay); PhD student at the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Naturales y Agrimensura (FACENA), Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Argentina.


Flowering plants

Centro para el Desarrollo de la Investigación Científica (CEDIC)

Relevant publications (minimum 1, maximum 4):

De Egea Elsam, J., M.C. Peña-Chocarro, F. Mereles & G. Céspedes (2018). Manihot takape sp. nov. (Euphorbiaceae), a new tuberous subshrub from the Paraguayan Chaco. PhytoKeys 103: 1–12.

Peña-Chocarro, M.C. & J. De Egea Elsam (2018). Checklist of the endemic vascular plants of Paraguay. Phytotaxa 384 (1): 001–074.

De Egea Elsam, J., G. Céspedes, M. Peña-Chocarro, F. Mereles & C. Rolón Mendoza (2018). Recursos Fitogenéticos del Paraguay: Sinopsis, Atlas y Estado de Conservación de los Parientes Silvestres de Especies de Importancia para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (Parte I). Rojasiana Serie Especial 4: 1−228. Available at:

De Egea Elsam, J., F. Mereles, M.C. Peña-Chocarro & G. Céspedes (2016). Checklist for the crop weeds of Paraguay. PhytoKeys 73: 13–92.

Referee 1:

Dr. Raúl Pozner (PhD project Director)

Referee 2:

Dr. María Celeste Vega (PhD project co-Director)

Scoring Rubric

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Scientific merit


1.  Contribution to novel methods for research in systematics and taxonomy and/or
     Building taxonomic capacity in developing countries

2.  Contribution to the generation of novel systematic data

3.  Quality and significance of questions being addressed

4.  Adequacy of methods for testing hypotheses (data collection/analysis/use of different tools)

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5.  Student's potential for professional success

6.  Perceived need; extent to which the project will benefit from IAPT funding

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Broader Impacts


7.  The research will yield durable benefits (revisions, databases, websites)

8.  Potential of the proposed project to generate an impactful publication

9.  The proposed research involves outreach/mentoring and broad dissemination

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