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Project summary:

This project will provide a complete scenario of Russula and their distribution pattern in Battagram district (KP) of Pakistan and will provide a baseline for future research work to select species of Russula as potential source of nutraceuticals, tool in biotechnology and to determine their ecological role in stability of forest ecosystem. This project will also provide the platform for cultivation and commercialization of different Russula species.

Cost: $


Muhammad Binyamin KHAN

Highest degree:

M.Phil Botany

Year obtained:


Applicant Status:

Current student



Hazara University Mansehra Kp, Pakistan

Relevant publications (minimum 1, maximum 4):

1- Khan, Muhammad Binyamin, Muhammad Ishaq, Munazza Kiran, Muhammad Fiaz, and Abdul Nasir Khalid. "Stropharia atroferruginea (Agaricales, Strophariaceae), a new species from Battagram district, Pakistan." Phytotaxa 409, no. 2 (2019): 83-92.

2- Ishaq, Muhammad, Muhammad Binyamin Khan, Shariat Ullah, Muhammad Fiaz, and Abdul Nasir Khalid. "Infundibulicybe kotanensis sp. nov.(Tricholomataceae), a new species from Buner, Pakistan." Phytotaxa 418, no. 2 (2019): 195-202

3- Ishaq, Muhammad, Muhammad Fiaz, Saifullah, Shariat Ullah,Muhammad Binyamin Khan "Evaluation of mycelial growth of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus floridanus Singer) on different media and cereal grains." J. Bio.Env. Sci. 11, no.3 (2017): 67-72

4- Ishaq, Muhammad, Muhammad Fiaz, Saifullah, Muhammad Binyamin Khan, Shariat Ullah , Rameez Khan. “Effect Of Different Substrates And Supplements On The Growth And Yield Of Pleurotus Floridanus Singer.” J. Bio. & Env. Sci. 12, No. 6, (2018). 305-310

Referee 1:

Dr. Muhammad Fiaz

Referee 2:

Prof. Dr. Abdul Nasir Khalid

Scoring Rubric

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Scientific merit


1.  Contribution to novel methods for research in systematics and taxonomy and/or
     Building taxonomic capacity in developing countries

2.  Contribution to the generation of novel systematic data

3.  Quality and significance of questions being addressed

4.  Adequacy of methods for testing hypotheses (data collection/analysis/use of different tools)

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IAPT community building


5.  Student's potential for professional success

6.  Perceived need; extent to which the project will benefit from IAPT funding

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Broader Impacts


7.  The research will yield durable benefits (revisions, databases, websites)

8.  Potential of the proposed project to generate an impactful publication

9.  The proposed research involves outreach/mentoring and broad dissemination

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