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Monograph of Ceratozamia genus (Zamiaceae, Cycadales): an integrative approach

Project summary:

Given that a strong taxonomic framework for Ceratozamia is lacking, the primary goal of this project is to make a monograph. Considering the taxonomic history of Ceratozamia, I will search relatively unexplored localities in Mesoamerica and older species few known because their latest botanical records date back 50 years. The circumscription will consider multiple datasets in order to uncover new morphological, anatomical, phenological, and molecular (i.e. DNA) characters under modern systematic biology frameworks such as ‘integrative taxonomy’.

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Highest degree:


Year obtained:


Applicant Status:

Current student



Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)

Relevant publications (minimum 1, maximum 4):

Martínez-Domínguez, L., Nicolalde-Morejón, F., Vergara-Silva, F., Stevenson, D.W., del Callejo, E. 2017. Cryptic diversity, sympatry and other integrative taxonomy scenarios in the Mexican Ceratozamia miqueliana complex (Zamiaceae), Organisms Diversity & Evolution: 17: 727-752.

Martínez-Domínguez, L., Nicolalde-Morejón, F., Vergara-Silva, F., Stevenson, D.W. 2018. Taxonomic review of Ceratozamia (Zamiaceae) in the Sierra Madre Oriental, Mexico. PhytoKeys: 100: 91-124.

Martínez-Domínguez L., Nicolalde-Morejón, F., Vergara-Silva, F., Stevenson, D.W. 2016. Integrative taxonomy of Mexican cycads: biogeography, morphology and DNA barcoding corroborate a new sympatric species in Ceratozamia (Zamiaceae). Phytotaxa 268(1): 025-045.

Martínez-Domínguez, L., Nicolalde-Morejón, F., Stevenson, D.W. 2017. Qualitative and quantitative morphological evidence for recognition of a new species within Ceratozamia (Zamiaceae) from Mexico. Phytotaxa: 317(1): 017–028.

Referee 1:

Dennis Wm. Stevenson

Referee 2:

Francisco R. Vergara-Silva

Scoring Rubric

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Scientific merit


1.  Contribution to novel methods for research in systematics and taxonomy and/or
     Building taxonomic capacity in developing countries

2.  Contribution to the generation of novel systematic data

3.  Quality and significance of questions being addressed

4.  Adequacy of methods for testing hypotheses (data collection/analysis/use of different tools)

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5.  Student's potential for professional success

6.  Perceived need; extent to which the project will benefit from IAPT funding

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Broader Impacts


7.  The research will yield durable benefits (revisions, databases, websites)

8.  Potential of the proposed project to generate an impactful publication

9.  The proposed research involves outreach/mentoring and broad dissemination

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