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Assistant Professor - Plant Molecular Systematics (Miami University, Oxford, OH)

Position description:

Biology: Assistant Professor (tenure-track) to teach courses in plant biology, evolutionary biology, or plant taxonomy, and an advanced course in evolutionary and molecular systematics; develop an active research program leading to publications and external funding; advise undergraduate and graduate students; serve as Director of the W.S. Turrell Herbarium and provide other service to the institution. Appointment begins August 2023.

Required: Ph.D. in Biology, Botany, Evolutionary Biology, or closely related field by date of appointment. Consideration may be given to a plant systematist who uses phylogenetic and phylogenomic approaches to answer questions about evolutionary patterns and processes such as species relations, the evolution of key morphological and/or developmental innovations, speciation mechanisms, biogeography, and evolutionary transitions. In addition to having expertise in current phylogenomic approaches, candidates should have familiarity with classic taxonomy systems.

Closing Date: Nov 30, 2022



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