Herbarium Digitization Technician

The Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER) at UC Santa Barbara is seeking applicants for an Herbarium Digitization Technician at the UCSB Herbarium. Under supervision of the Collection Manager, the Technician will be responsible for the digitization of ca. 10,000 seaweed specimens, which includes a variety of activities such as barcoding, imaging, transcribing specimen labels, and georeferencing the specimens in our online Macroalgal Portal database. The incumbent will have the opportunity for career development in natural history collections, taxonomy, and biodiversity informatics through mentorship by CCBER scientists, curators, and visiting researchers and by attending training workshops. The Technician will be encouraged to engage in scholarly activities such as participating and organizing public workshops and digitization events, co-teaching courses on natural history collections, writing grant proposals to support UCSB student interns and volunteers, disseminating findings at seminars and conferences, and interacting with UCSB faculty and students.

See website for a full description and link to the application: https://ccber.ucsb.edu/news-events/ccber-herbarium-digitization-technician-job-announcement

Closing Date: Nov 26th, 2020

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