IAPT Grants

Awarded Grants

Awarded 2019

ANDRUCHOW COLOMBO Ana (Argentina): Evolution of leaves and seed cones of the conifer family Podocarpaceae based on fossil and extant members of the family

BRIGNONE Nicolás Fernando (Argentina): Taxonomic and phylogenetic studies in South American Atriplex lineages (Amaranthaceae, Chenopodioideae, Atripliceae)

BRINDLEY Joshua (U.S.A.): Comparative phylogeography of Sympatric Eucnide (Loasaceae) species on the Baja Peninsula


COHEN Dylan (U.S.A.): Seeking taxonomic resolution for Loasa s.l. (Loasaceae) using next generation sequencing

DE LÍRIO Elton John (Brazil): Systematics and evolution of Laurales with focus on family Monimiaceae and an emphasis on the evolution of sexual systems


DREWNIAK María (Argentina): Evolution of floral visual signals in species of Verbeneae and Lantaneae (Fam. Verbenaceae) and its association with the sensory capabilities of their pollinators, with particular reference to butterflies (Lepidoptera)


GAVIN-SMYTH Nora (U.S.A.): Phylogeography of Tanzania’s Eastern Arc endemic Impatiens


GRINGS Martin (Brazil): Phylogeny of Modiola generic alliance (tribe Malveae, Malvoideae, Malvaceae) and related genera


GUERRA Ethiéne (Brazil): Systematics and evolution of Abarema cochliacarpos complex (Caesalpinioideae, Fabaceae)


HANSEN Kimberly (U.S.A.): Phylogeography and species boundaries of the neotropical genseriad Kohleria spicata


PACE Marcelo (Mexico): Anatomical evolution and diversification of the stems in Malpighiaceae: collecting the Malpigs of Madagascar


PEÑALOZA BOJACÁ Gabriel (Colombia): Elucidating the evolutionary of the epiphytic hornwort genus Dendroceros Nees in the Neotropics and testing the co-evolution with endophytic cyanobacteria


PEREIRA DA SILVA Luciana (Brazil): Integrative study on the diverse genus Cyperus s.l. (Cyperaceae): diversity in Central Brazil, taxonomy, molecular phylogeny, and diversification patterns


RACA Irena (Serbia): Disentangling the taxonomically complicated Crocus heuffelianus complex (Crocus series Verni, Iridaceae)


RODRIGUES DA SILVA Saura (Brazil): Evolution of chromosome number in the genus Utricularia L. (Lentibulariaceae)

SU Chun (P.R. China): Phylogenetic systematics of East Asian Astragalus (Fabaceae)


TOLEDO Cassio (Brazil): Systematic studies in Connarus L. (Connaraceae): phylogeny of the genus and taxonomic revision of the neotropical species

VERA CASTELLANOS Michelle (Colombia): Phylogenetic analyses and discovery of new species of the genus Russula (Fungi) associated with Quercus humboldtii in Colombia

VIEIRA LIMA Lucas (Brazil): Worldwide phylogeny and biogeography of the fern family Gleicheniaceae (Polypodiopsida)

VILLALOBOS-BARRANTES Heidy (Costa Rica): Molecular systematics in the Eriosyce curvispina complex (Cactaceae)

Awarded 2018

Andressa CABRAL (Brazil): Phylogeny and biogeography of the Barbacenia inselbergs clade (Velloziaceae).

Luis Fernando CUELLAR GARRIDO (Mexico): Phylogenetics and inflorescence diversification in Bouteloua and relatives based on transcriptomic data.

Shirley CUNHA FEUERSTEIN (Brazil): The family Graphidaceae (Ostropales, Lichenized Ascomycota) in South Brazil.

Gabriel DAMASCO (Brazil): Towards an integrative taxonomy in Neotropical botany.

Ricardo de OLIVEIRA PERDIZ (Brazil): Building the foundations of a future e-monograph for Neotropical Burseraceae.

Tammy ELLIOT (Canada): Taxonomy and phylogenetics of the southern African Schoenus.

Joelcio FREITAS (Brazil): Systematics of Aristolochia subseries Anthocaulicae F. González (Aristolochiaceae).

Gisel GOMES NOGUEIRA ALVES (Brazil): Untangling the complexity of structure, development and evolution of Simaroubaceae flowers.

Maria Laura GONZÁLES (Argentina): Phylogeny and genomic evolution of the cosmopolitan genus Deschampsia P. Beauv. (Poaceae)

Lucie KOBRLOVÁ (Europe): Phylogenetic relationships within the genus Symphytum (Boraginaceae).

Matias KÖHLER (Brazil): Systematics and evolution of Opuntia Mill. (Cactaceae Juss.) clade Elatae, a southern South America group.

Smitha KOKKARANIYIL (India): Taxonomic Revision, Molecular Phylogeny and Biogeography of Plectranthus-Coleus complex (Lamiaceae) in India.

Dmitry LYSKOV (Russia): Phylogeny of the genus Polygala (Polygalaceae) in Transcaucasia.

Paterne MINGOU (Senegal): Contribution to the study of the Pteridophytes of Senegal.

Marina NASRI SISSINI (Brazil): Phylogeny and biogeography of coralline algae as ecological and evolutionary processes.

Beatriz NEVES FERREIRA da SILVA (Brazil): Evolution and diversification of Vriesea (Tillandsioideae, Bromeliaceae) description.

George Isaac NODZA (Nigeria): Conservation and phylogenetic studies of Nigerian Orchidaceae.

Melissa PALACIO (Colombia): Taxonomic and phylogenetic studies on Polyporus s.l. Micheli ex Adans. (Polyporaceae) in southern Brazil.

Soumya PULIYAKODE (India): Taxonomic revision and molecular phylogeny of Justicia L. (Acanthaceae) in India.

Robberson SETUBAL (Brazil): Systematics and evolution of Neotropical Strychnos (Loganiaceae) – developing molecular tools to sort out a tangled and toxic mess.

Karla SOSA (Mexico): Oceans apart: Assessing the roles of vicariance and long-distance dispersal in the widely disjunct fern genus Cheilanthes (Pteridaceae).

The Dan Nicolson Fund has made possible giving an additional Grant to:

Targol CHATRENOOR (Iran): Molecular phylogeny of Caroxyleae (Chenopodiaceae) and diversification of Climacoptera (Chenopodiaceae).

Awarded 2017

Nicolás F. BRIGNONE (Argentina): Taxonomy, phylogenetic relationships and evolution of Atriplex lineages (Amaranthaceae, Chenopodioideae, Atripliceae) in South America)

Qian ZHANG (China): Phylogenomic tree reconstruction of Dorstenieae (Moraceae) using a Hyb-Seq approach: implications for breeding system evolution in Moraceae

Thien-Tam LUONG (Vietnam): Diversification, taxonomy and phylogeny of Meteoriaceae, focusing on Meteorium and Barbella s. lat.

Marco Antonio CUEVA MANCHEGO (Peru): Taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships in Lycianthes serie Strigulosae (Solanaceae) of Peru


Maria Adolfina SAVORETTI (Argentina): Systematic affinities of Early Cretaceous Polytrichaceae (Polytrichopsida, Bryophyta) of western North America – an inquiry into the evolution of polytrichaceous mosses

Serena ACHA (Bolivia): Vines in the Andes: diversification and historical biogeography in passion flowers

Farzaneh JAFARI (Iran): Phylogeny and biogeography of Silene (Caryophyllaceae) using a large dataset of Next Generation Sequencing

Shokouh ESMAILBEGI KERMANI (Iran): Systematics and phylogeny of the tribe Thlaspideae (Brassicaceae)


Rebeca HERNÁNDEZ-GUTIÉRREZ (Mexico): A genus-level phylogeny of Malvaceae s.l. from a Next Generation Sequencing approach


Masoumeh MAHMOUDI SHAMSABAD (Iran): Molecular phylogeny and evolutionary history of Acanthophyllum squarrosum species complex based on nuclear and plastid DNA sequences


Duane FERNANDES DE SOUZA LIMA (Brazil): Molecular phylogeny and taxonomic revision of Myrcia clade Guianensis (Myrtaceae: Myrteae)


Taimy CANTILLO PÉREZ (Cuba): Integrating morphological and phylogenetic characters to describe Caatinga hyphomycetes diversity in areas of the Semiarid Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio / Semi-Arid)


Pablo MORONI (Argentina): Phylogenetic studies in tribe Duranteae (Verbenaceae) with special reference to the genus Duranta L.


Caroline Oliveira ANDRINO (Brazil): Systematics of Paepalanthus Mart. (Eriocaulaceae)

Nicolás Fernando BRIGNONE (Argentina): Taxonomy, phylogenetic relationships and evolution of Atriplex lineages (Amaranthaceae, Chenopodioideae, Atripliceae) in South America


Johanna JANTZEN (U.S.A.): Diversification and niche evolution in Neotropical Tibouchina s.s. (Melastomataceae)


Prasad M.G. (India): Taxonomic revision and molecular phylogeny of Linderniaceae in India

Carla POLESELLI BRUNIERA (Brazil): Biogeography and diversification of Palicoureeae (Rubiaceae), with focus in neotropical groups


Paola de Lima FERREIRA (Brazil): Understanding the early evolution of Asteraceae: Systematic and Historical Biogeography insights of Barnadesioideae


Hareesh V.S. (India): Taxonomic revision of the Genus Impatiens L. (Balsaminaceae) in North-East India


Anna Patricia GERONG (Philippines): Genetic Diversity of Vallisneria L. and Najas L. (Hydrocharitaceae) in Major Lakes of Luzon Island, Philippines


The Dan Nicolson Fund has made possible giving an additional Grant to:


Abdulwakeel AJAO (South Africa): Phylogenetic and Taxonomic Revision of Southern Africa Species of Rhynchosia (Fabaceae)



Awarded 2016

Carolina GUERREIRO (Argentina): Systematic and phylogenetic studies in Chusquea (Poaceae, Bambusoideae, Bambuseae)

Annelise FRAZÃO (Brazil): Phylogeny, taxonomic revision, floral evolution and biogeography of Tanaecium Sw. (Bignonieae, Bignoniaceae)

Richard R. DUMILAG (Philippines): Systematics of Philippine Bangiales (Rhodophyta)

Yoannis DOMINGUEZ (Cuba): Phylogeny and biogeography of Pinguicula L. (Lentibulariaceae) in the American continents

Alice da Cruz Lima GERLACH (Brazil): Systematics of the lichen genus Usnea Adans (Parmeliaceae, Lichenized Ascomycetes, Fungi) in Southern Brazil: an integrative approach


Itzi FRAGOSO-MARTINEZ (Mexico): Phylogeny and diversification of Salvia (Lamiaceae) in Mexico: unravelling an adaptive radiation


Lu Thi NGAN (Vietnam): Phylogeny and systematics of Vietnamese Dryopteridaceae in a global context

Viviana MOTATO-VÁSQUEZ (Brazil): Systematics of the phlebioid clade (Basidiomycota, Polyporales) in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest


Augusto GIARETTA (Brazil): Evolution, systematics and biogeography of Eugenia subgen. Calycorectes (O.Berg) Mattos (Myrtaceae)


Ana Clara IBÁÑEZ (Argentina): The role of pollinators in the floral diversification of the South American genus Salpichroa (Solanaceae)


Cássia BITENCOURT (Brazil): Systematics and Biogeography of Hemipogon (Apocynaceae): implications for the phylo-conservation of rupestrian grasslands and savannas


Mabel LIZARAZU (Argentina): Phylogeny, biogeography, and systematic of the genus Heterosperma Cav. (Asteraceae, Coreopsideae)


Prabha AMARASINGHE (Sri Lanka): Integrating phylogenetics and ecological niche models to determine drivers of diversification of the genus Memecylon (Melastomataceae)


Lucas Cardoso MARINHO (Brazil): Phylogeny of tovomitoid group and revision of Tovomita Aubl. (Clusiaceae)


Juan Camilo OSPINA (Colombia): Phylogeny and Biogeography of the genus Flourensia (Asteraceae, Heliantheae)


Luciana SALOMON (Argentina): Revision and Phylogeny of Senecio ser. Hualtatini (Senecioneae, Asteraceae)

Slavica TOFILOVSKA (Macedonia): Evolutionary history of the genus Cyclotella in Lake Ohrid


Nicolás MEDINA (Colombia): Phylogenetic insights into the New World strangler figs (Ficus subgen. Urostigma sect. Americana): testing for hybridization and introgression


Andre Vito SCATIGNA (Brazil): Systematics of Gratioleae (Plantaginaceae): the disintegration of Stemodia L.


Blaise BIKANDU (R.D. Congo): Solanaceae in Central Africa


The Dan Nicolson Fund has made possible giving an additional Grant to:


Avik RAY (India): Evolution across eastern and north-east Himalaya: the case of Rhododendron


Awarded 2015


Segbedji Armel Loic DONKPEGAN (Benin): New insights on the evolutionary history of African tropical moist forests through patterns of the polyploid complex tree genus Afzelia

Thimothée LE PÉCHON (South Africa): Systematics, biogeography, chemical ecology and evolutionary history of the African orchid genus Holothrix


Rani ASMARAYANI (Indonesia): Revision of Piper section Muldera


Farideh MOHARREK (Iran): Molecular phylogeny and evolutionary history of Acantholimon Boiss. (Plumbaginaceae) based on nuclear and plastid DNA sequences


Ledis REGALADO (Cuba): Exploring the Cuban diversity of Adiantum (Pteridaceae) with emphasis on Cuban and West Indian endemics using chloroplast DNA markers


Rocío DEANNA (Argentina): Taxonomic and phylogenetic studies in Deprea (Solanaceae)


Truong VAN DO (Vietnam): A taxonomic revision of Aristolochia (Aristolochiaceae) from Vietnam


María Julia BENA (Argentina): Phylogenetic and biogeographic studies in Gomphrenoideae (Amaranthaceae)


Amirhossein PAHLEVANI (Iran): Revision of the genus Euphorbia (subgen. Esula) in SW Asia with special reference to phyto- and phylogeography of the endemism in the region


Ana Carolina GODOY BÜRKI (Argentina): Climate niche evolution in species of the subfamily Larreoideae (Zygophyllaceae)


Gabriel Emiliano FERREIRA (Brasil): Systematics and biogeographic history of Besleria L. (Gesneriaceae)


María Andrea GROSSI (Argentina): Phylogeography of Acanthostyles buniifolius (Hook. & Arn.) R.M. King & H. Rob., one of the genera with the more southern distribution of the tribe Eupatorieae (Asteraceae)


Titian GHANDFOROUSH (Malesia): A molecular phylogenetic reconstruction of Vaccinieae (Ericaceae), with special emphasis on elucidating biogeographic patterns in Malesia


Dongwei ZHAO (China): A Taxonomic Revision of Camellia (Theaceae) in Indo-China Peninsula


Juliet LINDO (Philippines): Understanding Phylogenetic Relationships of Medinilla (Melastomataceae)


Esteban Ismael MEZA (Argentina): Phylogeography and dispersion patterns of the fern Ophioglossum reticulaum, and its implications with South American monsoon patterns


Klára KABÁTOVÁ (Czech Republic): Systematics and evolution of the Minuartia verna group


Alfred JOE (India): Taxonomic Revision of the family Musaceae in India


Juan Pablo  COULLERI(Argentina): Biological control of balloon vine Cardiospermum grandiflorum and a phylogeographic approach of invasive species of Cardiospermum (Sapindaceae) in South Africa


Zübeyde UGURLU-AYDIN (Turkey): Taxonomic Revision and Molecular Phylogeny of the Genus Pyrus L. (Rosaceae)


The Dan Nicolson Fund has made possible giving an additional Grant to:

Pélagie MBANDU LUZOLAWO (Democratic Republic of Congo): A taxonomical, ecological, phytogeographical and ethnobotanical study of the Arecaceae from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Awarded 2014

Diego MORALES-BRIONES (Ecuador): A comprehensive chloroplast phylogeny of the genus Lachemilla (Rosaceae) and relatives using a novel subgenomic approach


Luiz Henrique FONSECA (Brasil): Biogeography and diversification of Adenocalymma (Bignonieae, Bignoniaceae)


Josmaily LORIGA (Cuba): Integrative taxonomy of the spleenwort fern flora of Cuba


Ángela CANO (Colombia): Systematics, biogeography and phylogenetic structure of palm (Arecaceae) communities on the Isthmus of Panama

Lise Arlette ZEMAGHO (Cameroon): Phylogeny and biosystematic of the genus Sabicea (Rubiaceae) in continental Africa

Jaya S. & Romina Gazis SEELAN (Malaysia): One genus two different forests: the story of Panus in the Amazonian and Bornean forests


Pedro Alejandro GONZALEZ GUTIERREZ (Cuba): Revision of Cuban Byrsonima H.B.K. and Malpighia L. (Malpighiaceae)

Gabor SRAMKO & Jelena Mlinarek (Hungary): Molecular phylogeny of Pulsatilla Mill. sect. Pulsatilla (DC.) Aichele & Schwegler

Maryam MALEKMOHAMMDI (Iran): Revision of the genus Limonium (Plumbaginaceae) in SW Asia, and clarification of its phylogenetic relationship with related genera using molecular methods and pollen morphology


Shih-Hui LIU (Taiwan): Phylogeny of Ludwigia and polyploid evolution in section Macrocarpon (Onagraceae)


Sandeep SEN (India): Phylogeography and Systematics of Piper species in the Western Ghats, India


Agostina Belen SASSONE (Argentina): Evolutionary and systematic studies of the genus Tristagma (Amaryllidaceae)

Jacob LANDIS (USA): Evolution of Flower Color and its Significance in Polemoniaceae: Phylogeny Reconstruction and Character Mapping in Leptosiphon and Linanthus


Marie Claire VERANSO (Cameroon): Evolution of Dissotis Benth (Melastomataceae - Melastomateae): morphometrics, molecular phylogenetics and biogeography


Keir  WEFFERLING(USA): Phylogeography of the Caltha leptosepala species complex


Bruno AMORIM (Brasil): Phylogeny and Taxonomy of “clade Gomidesia” (Myrcia s.l., Myrtaceae) from the Atlantic Forest of Brazil

Mohammad VATANPARAST (Iran): Diversification and infrageneric classification of the genus Dalbergia L.F. (Leguminosae: Papilionoideae)


Fernando MATOS (Brasil): Systematic studies of Elaphoglossum sect. Polytrichia (Dryopteridaceae)


Cintia Luiza da SILVA LUZ (Brasil): Systematic and biogeography of Schinus L. (Anacardiaceae)


Syadwina HAMAMA (Indonesia): A Taxonomic Revision of Ampelocissus (Vitaceae) in Sumatra, Indonesia

The Dan Nicolson Fund has made possible giving an additional Grant to:


Hassan RANKOU (Morocco): Systematics and plant conservation of the Moroccan monocots

Awarded 2013

Marcela NICOLA (Argentina): Diversification and speciation of Nassauvia Subgenus Strongyloma (Asteraceae, Nassauvieae)


Gwynne LIM (USA): Taxonomy, phylogenetic relationships and pollination biology of Tacca (Dioscoriaceae)


Nicolás GARCÍA (Chile): Chromosomal evolution in Amaryllidaceae tribe Hipeastreae


Amornrat PRAJAKSOOD née MEESAWAT (Thailand): Eriocaulaceae in southern Lao PDR


Clarisse PALMA-SILVA (Brasil): Phylogeography and lineage diversity of Pitcairnia flammea Lindl. complex (Bromeliaceae) adapted to Neotropical inselbergs


Ruvimbo MAPAYA (Zimbabwe): Phylogenetics and Biogeography of Emilia (Cass.) Cass. (Asteraceae, Senecioneae)


Tanawat CHAOWASKU (Thailand): Systematics of the canangoid clade (Annonaceae): resolving relationships, understanding pollen morphology, and characterizing a new genus

Lilia Bibiana MONCADA (Colombia): How many species of Sticta are there?


Faye ADAMA (Senegal): Central African rain forest dynamics: phylogeography of the small palm genus Podococcus


Leandro GIACOMIN (Brasil): Systematics and taxonomy of Solanum section Extensum D`Arcy (Solanaceae)

The Dan Nicolson Fund has made possible giving an additional Grant to:


Alex SUMADIJAYA (Indonesia): Polyploidy, hibridization and molecular phylogeny of Australian Bothriochloa


Awarded 2012

Tania Maria de MOURA (Brazil) Mucuna Adans. (Leguminosae - Papilionoideae) in Ecuador

Raquel Fernandes MONTEIRO (Brazil): Phylogeny and systematic of Bromelia L. (Bromeliaceae – Bromelioideae) with Brazilian Cerrado species emphasis


Alina Freire FIERRO (U.S.A.): Origin and Diversification of Monnina (Polygalaceae)


Paul John Lgeaspi GERALDINO (Philippines): Diversity and distribution of marine macro-benthic algae in three different geographic regions within the Philippine Archipelago


Pablo César Guerrero MARTIN (Chile): Molecular systematics of Eriosyce sensu lato (Cactaceae)


María Soledad JIMENEZ (Argentina): Biosystematics and phylogeny of the genus Philonotis Brid. (Bartramiaceae, Bryophyta) in the south of South America


Fábio PINHEIRO (Brazil): Phylogeography of Epidendrum denticulatum complex (Orchidaceae): the role of historic demographic events in the evolution and diversification of Neotropical orchid species


Noufou Doudjo OUATTARA (Switzerland): Systematics of West African poorly known palms (Arecaceae): Case of the genera Borassus L., Hyphaene Gaertn. and Phoenix L.


Nawal SHRESTHA (China): Taxonomic revision of Lycopodiaceae Mirb. of the Pan-Himalayas


Larissa TRIEVEILER (Brazil): Studies on gasteroid fungi (Agaricomycetes) in southern Brazil

Awarded 2011

Alicia LOPEZ (Argentina): Systematic and evolutionary studies in Lupinus (Fabaceae) from Argentina

Andrea MICHLIG (Argentina): Taxonomic studies in Parmotrema (Parmeliaceae, Lichenized Aschomycota) in northeastern Argentina

Diego DE GENNARO (Argentina): Molecular and morphological phylogeny of South American species Euphrasia (Orobanchaceae)


Maria Claudia Melo Pacheco de MEDEIROS (Brazil): Niche evolution of Tynathus Miers (Bignonieae, Bignoniaceae)


Maria Teresa Aureliano Buril VITAL (Brazil): Taxonomy and evolution of Jacquemontia Choisy (Convolvulaceae)


Nicholas WILDING (South Africa): A taxonomic revision and phylogeny of the African Entosthodon (Musci)


Rafael Batista LOUZADA (Brazil): Taxonomic revision, phylogeny and biogeography of Orthophytum Beer (Brameliaceae)


Wilder Carmenate REYES (Cuba): Taxonomy and biogeography of the squamous species of the genus Henriettea DC. (Melastomataceae)


E. SANOJ (India): Taxonomic revision of the genus Hedychium J. Koenig (Zingiberaceae)

Awarded 2010

Carol Myriam Peña HERNANDEZ (Chile): Species delimination in Copiapoa Britton & Rose (Cactaceae)

Gustavo HEIDEN (Brazil): Systematics and evolution of Baccharis subg. Tarchonanthoides Heering (Asteraceae), a group from southeastern South American grasslands

Tatiana ARIAS (Colombia): Systematics of Brassiceae (Brassicaceae)


Awarded 2009

Andre Ledoux NJOUONKOU (Cameroon): Taxonomy and phylogeny of Lentinaceae Jülich (Basidiomycotina) in Cameroon

Fabiana Luiza Ranzato FILARDI (Brazil): Advances in Machaerium Pers. (Leguminosae - Papilionoideae) systematics: infrageneric phylogeny and taxonomic revision of the Brazilian Atlantic forest species

Guillermo Martin SUAREZ (Argentina): Systematics and phylogeny of neotropical species of the genus Pohlia (Musci)

Jhoana Diaz LARREA (Cuba): Diversity and phylogenetic relationships on the benthic marine algal genera Laurencia (Rhodophyta) and Codium (Chlorophyta) genera from the tropical-subtropical transition zone of the Mexican Pacific Coast

Jose Floriano Barea PASTORE  (Brazil): Phylogenetic studies in Hyptidinae (Lamiaceae)

Josmaily Loriga PINEIRO (Cuba): Taxonomic treatment of the fern genus Elaphoglossum (Dryopteridaceae) in Cuba

Maria Ana FARINACCIO (Brazil): Argentinian Phanerogamic Flora: Asclepiadoideae (Apocynaceae)

Mariana Machado SAAVEDRA (Brazil): Taxonomic revision and phylogeny of Dasyphyllum (Asteraceae)

Viviana HECHEM (Argentina): Morphology, taxonomy and phylogeny study of “Cynanchum” L. And related genera (Apocynaceae-Asclepiadoideae-Metastelminae) from southern South America

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