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Other Resources for Nomenclature

Use the links below to access various other resources useful for nomenclature

A user's guide to the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants. The second edition, based on the Shenzhen Code, was published online by Pensoft in July 2019. A printed version will also be made available.

The Appendices of the Code, but also with full documentation of the proposals, requests, Committee reports and Congress decisions that resulted in each entry in the Appendices.

A global directory of public herbaria and associated staff, with standard herbarium codes.

A vast archive of digitized plant specimens, including many types.

Types of Linnaean plant names and digitized historic herbaria at the Natural History Museum, London.

A detailed glossary of bionomenclatural terms.

Samples of handwriting of authors of names of algae, fungi and plants.

A work in progress, © P. M. Eckel 2010–2018.

Latin-English and English-Latin translation tool.

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