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Bibliographic Resources

Use the links below to access digitized publications and other bibliographic resources useful for nomenclature

The standard reference to the pre-1940 literature of systematic botany, mycology and phycology, organized by author, with information on authors' herbaria and types. TL-2 is the standard by which publication titles should be abbreviated.

A vast archive of scanned biological literature (mostly before 1923).

Another important archive of scanned botanical literature.

The digital librray of the national library of France; contains French biological literature not found elsewhere.

Journals, primary sources, and books (requires a subscription).

Detailed bibliographic information on these places of publication of many plant names.

If you cannot find it in the above archives, try Google Books.

If you cannot find it in Google Books, try the Internet Archive.

Biological periodicals and their standard abbreviations.

Enabling simultaneous searching for books and other materials in thousands of library catalogues worldwide.

A powerful search interface for books, serials, and digital media in library and trade catalogues worldwide, with a particular focus on German-speaking countries and other European countries.

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