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Renew your IAPT membership

Please choose a membership category below (click here for a summary of membership categories). IAPT memberships are usually renewed annually, although you can pay for multiple years if you wish.


All prices are in US dollars.

While you renew, please consider also donating to the Dan H. Nicolson Fund, which supports the Nicolson Research Award, awarded annually since 2013 to support early-career researchers in work that emphasizes nomenclatural and herbarium studies

You may also like to sponsor another member of IAPT. Sponsorship is a practical and cost-effective way to support global taxonomy and systematics, especially in areas where support is most needed.

You can donate and sponsor from the checkout.

Note that after you have renewed your membership(s), a confirmation page and email will direct you to a document with instructions for completing the next step. Please follow the link, and enter your details to complete your renewal.

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