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About IAPT...

... In Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. And the world of plants, algae and fungi is full of great pictures. You may have noticed some of them on this website.

Each year, IAPT will run a competition, seeking the world's best pictures of plants, algae and fungi, of people doing taxonomy and systematics, and of the great places where many of us do field work.

All entries will be showcased on the IAPT website, and judged by a field of experts. Winners will receive a year's free membership of IAPT, and the chance for their photograph to be prominently displayed in one of the banners of the Home page.

Conditions of entry will be simple. Images should be of high quality and high resolution, and must be made freely available for use under a CC-BY license. Each image must be accompanied by a short story, setting the context and explaining what the image is all about. Judging will be based on the image, the story, and its relevance to the experience of global taxonomy and systematics. Send images and accompanying stories to <email address>. Winning entries will be announced on June 30 each year (but if we receive any really great images, with your permission we might use them on the Home page before then).

Competition opening Soon (Watch This Space)

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