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How to … Find nomenclatural help

These nomenclatural "How-to" guides are designed for students and newcomers to nomenclature. They provide handy, concise guides to navigating the complexities of correctly naming taxa, determining the correct names of taxa, and other nomenclatural actions that together comprise our system of nomenclature under the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants.

Use this index to navigate to the "How-to" guides by topic.

If you want more nomenclatural how-to guides, please submit a question here. IAPT members can also ask questions of other IAPT members on the Nomenclatural Forum.


Another useful resource is Nick Turland's The Code Decoded.

Alll the how-to guides presented here are based on the Shenzhen Code.

Remember that these pages, and The Code Decoded, are intended as helpful guides only. You should always consult the Code itself for a definitive answer to any question. Links to appropriate Articles of the Code are given in these guides.

How to ...

Name a new species

Tell if my new species is already named

Tell if a specific epithet is preoccupied

Check for confusable epithets

Correctly form a specific epithet

Write a protologue for a new species name

Indicate the nomenclatural status of a new name

Choose a type specimen for a name of a new species

Effectively publish a new name

Ensure best practice for effective publication

Understand the types of types

Understand synonyms

Create an autonym

Tell if a name is legitimate or illegitimate

Conserve a name

Cite a specimen

Fully and directly cite a name

Cite a herbarium

Name a new genus

Tell if a generic name already exists

Correctly form a generic name

Write a protologue for a new generic name

Choose a type for a name of a new genus

Use the International Plant Names Index

Use AlgaeBase

Do you have another general nomenclatural question, and want a how-to guide to help?

You can submit questions here.

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