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How to … Indicate the nomenclatural status of a new name


When writing the protologue for a new name, you should indicate the nomenclatural status of the name.


Designations are as follows:

sp. nov. (species nova)—an entirely new species name, Use similar forms at other ranks e.g. gen. nov. (genus novum) for a new genus, subsp. nov. (subspecies nova) for a new subspecies, etc.

comb. nov. (combinatio nova)—a new combination (e.g. of a species in a new or different genus, or an infraspecific taxon in a new or different species)

stat. nov. (status novus)—a name at a new rank (e.g. a subspecies raised to specific rank, a variety raised to subspecific or specific rank, or a subgenus raised to generic rank)

comb. et stat. nov. (combinatio et status novi)— a name that is both a new combination and is used at a new rank

nom. nov. (nomen novum)—a replacement name for an existing name (the replaced synonym) that is usually either illegitimate (e.g. a later homonym) or has an epithet that cannot be used in a new combination because it would form a later homonym or a tautonym

For more information, see Chapter 2 Basic concepts and terms in The Code Decoded.

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