Editorial Committee


  • Nicholas J. Turland (Germany, Chair)

  • John H. Wiersema (U.S.A., Secretary)

  • Fred R. Barrie (U.S.A.)

  • Werner Greuter (Germany/Italy)

  • David L. Hawksworth (U.K.)

  • Patrick S. Herendeen (U.S.A.)

  • Sandra Knapp (U.K.)

  • Wolf-Henning Kusber (Germany)

  • De-Zhu Li (China)

  • Karol Marhold (Slovakia)

  • Tom W. May (Australia)

  • John McNeill (U.K./Canada)

  • Anna M. Monro (Australia)

  • Jefferson Prado (Brazil)

  • Michelle J. Price (Switzerland)

  • Gideon F. Smith (South Africa)

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