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Committee for Fungi


Elected by the XI International Mycological Congress, San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 2018.

  • Scott A. Redhead (Canada, Chair)

  • Tom W. May (Australia, Secretary)

  • André Aptroot (Netherlands)

  • Konstanze Bensch (Germany/Netherlands)

  • Z. Wilhelm de Beer (South Africa) [resigned 2022]

  • José Carmine Dianese (Brazil)

  • Teresa Iturriaga (Venezuela/U.S.A.)

  • Paul M. Kirk (U.K.)

  • Roland Kirschner (Taiwan, China)

  • James C. Lendemer (U.S.A.)

  • Lorenzo Lombard (Netherlands) [resigned 2021]

  • Andrew M. Minnis (U.S.A.)

  • Lorelei L. Norvell (U.S.A.) [deceased 2023]

  • Luis A. Parra Sánchez (Spain)

  • Shaun R. Pennycook (New Zealand)

  • Andrea I. Romero (Argentina) [resigned 2020]

  • Svengunnar Ryman (Sweden)

  • Marco Thines (Germany)

  • Dagmar Triebel (Germany)

  • Zhu-Liang Yang (China)

  • Yi-Jian Yao (China) [resigned 2023]

Non-voting observer

  • Amy Rossman (U.S.A., Chair of the Fungal Nomenclature Session, XII IMC)


Reports (since XIX IBC)

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