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The Stafleu Medal

The Stafleu Medal is awarded for an outstanding publication on historical, bibliographic, and/or nomenclatural aspects of systematics and taxonomy. It is presented at a significant international meeting, congress, or symposium. 

The Stafleu Medal has been awarded to the following recipients for the listed works:


David B. Lellinger (Washington)

A modern multilingual glossary for taxonomic pteridology (2002)


no award


Daniel H. Nicolson & F. Raymond Fosberg (deceased 1993) (both Washington)

The Forsters and the botany of the Second Cook Expedition(1772-1775), 2nd. ed. (2004) [ed. 1 2003]


Henry J. Noltie (Edinburgh)

The botany of Robert Wight (2005)


Charlie Jarvis (London)

Order out of chaos: Linnaean plant names and their types (2007)


Jim Endersby (Sussex)

Imperial nature: Joseph Hooker and the practices of Victorian science (2008)


Charles Boewe (Pittsboro)

The life of C.S. Rafinesque, a man of uncommon zeal (2011) and accompanying CD-ROM The correspondence of C.S. Rafinesque (2011)


Santiago Madriñán (Bogotá)

Nikolaus Joseph Jacquin's American plants: Botanical expedition to the Caribbean (1754-1759) and the publication of the Selectarum stirpium Americanarum historia (2013)


H. Walter Lack (Berlin)

The Bauers: Joseph, Franz & Ferdinand: Masters of botanical illustration: An illustrated biography. Prestel, Munich published the work in association with the Natural History Museum, London, for an exhibition on the Bauers held in November 2015 (2015)


Kathryn Mauz

C. G. Pringle: Botanist, Traveler, and the “Flora of the Pacific Slope” (1881–1884). Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden 120, Heritage Series 3: i–xxii, 1–737 (2018).

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