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Revitalization of HFLA (Herbarium Flaminio), a small but important Herbarium for the taxonomy and the biogeography of several plant groups.

Duilio Iamonico


Database, Digitally image, Other

Cost: $



University of Rome Sapienza


HFLA was entered in Index Herbariorum in 2013. Number of specimens ~15000. Objectives:
1) Digitalization of nomenclatural types, selected Amaranthus and Sesleria samples, and specimens of biogeographical relevance. For Amaranthus, and Sesleria high resolution images will be created for parts of exsiccata having taxonomic value;
2) Updating of the DataBase;
3) Mounting process of exsiccata.

Due to the very scarce available funds, DataBase updating and mounting process of exsiccata are keep going very slowly. No digitalizations were made. These are the main problems the grant could solve.


1) Digitalization: a Scan plustek-OpticSlim1180 (at 600-1200 dpi) will be used. For specimens of Amaranthus and Sesleria very high resolution images (1000-1200 dpi) will be also created for parts of exsiccata which have an high taxonomic value (e.g., inflorescences). These images will be very useful for all the requests we will receive from botanists (scientific purposes), as well as for a better preservation of the plants (this can aid long-term preservation of the collection by reducing the need for direct handling and loans of the physical specimens), and for the education of students in courses and PhD projects concerning botany, as well as environmental and landscape subjects in general.

2) Updating of the HFLA DataBase: by a continuous work on the PC station (hours per day).

3) Mounting process of the exsiccata and the labelling: by a continuous work on the laboratory (hours per day).


1a) nomenclatural types (families: Amaranthaceae, Araceae, Asteraceae, Cactaceae, Magnoliaceae, Plantagianceae, and Poaceae; some Linnaean names are included);
1b) specimens of Amaranthus and Sesleria (in HFLA each genus includes hundreds specimens): they will be selected with the aim to provide, in the digitalized images, optimum and adequate data about the morphologic variability of these two taxonomically problematic genera;
1c) specimens of taxa which have an high biogeographical relevance (endemisms, amphiadriatic elements, etc.). Note that Sesleria (see point 1b) has a mainly European distribution and the highest diversity in Italy and the Balkans (biogeographical amphiadriatic element);

2) TO DIGITALIZE THE SPECIMENS CITED IN THE PREVOIUS STEP NO. 1: scans at high resolution from 600 to 1200 dpi and from 1000 to 1200 dpi for details of the taxonomic characters of Amaranthus and Sesleria samples;


Referee 1:

Mauro Iberite

Referee 2:

Dmitar Lakušic

Scoring Rubric

Your name:

Collection Improvement/Maintenance


1.  Contribution to the generation of digital herbarium data (digitization: data entry, setting up database structure, purchasing equipment).

2.  Contribution to enhancing our understanding of the flora by making new herbarium specimens available (processing of backlog).

3.  Contribution to enhancing our understanding of the flora by making new herbarium specimens available (shipping endangered collection to another herbarium).

4. Contribution towards improving conservation status of specimens in herbarium (better folders, protecting covers, mounting paper, labeling, etc.).

This proposal scores:


IAPT community building


5.  Herbarium's potential for success.

6.  Perceived need, extent to which the project will benefit from IAPT funding.
7. Sharing specimens with other herbaria.

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Broader Impacts

8. The project will yield durable benefits (specimens, digitized metadata, databases, websites).

9. The proposed project involves outreach/mentoring and broad dissemination.

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