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Implementation herbarium of Kherson State University (KHER) to Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Valeriy Darmostuk


Database, Digitally image

Cost: $



Kherson State University


The main object of this project is provide open online access to herbarium specimens deposit in Kherson State University (KHER). The goal will be implemented as follows.
(i) Prepare and include to the University Development Plan Digitization Strategy;
(ii) Provide database of herbarium specimens and implemented them to GBIF;
(iii) Ensuring the proper storage of digitized specimens;
(iv) Debugging process of digitization new one income specimens.


The objectives will be implemented as follows. First of all, we need to provide specifications for the digitization of herbarium sheets. Its means, we have to buy the necessary equipment (computer, Camera, ect). The team that will work with it consist of volunteers (students, activists) and researchers of Kherson State University. There are three main states.
First State. Digitization of herbarium sheets. We provide image for each specimen according to international standarts. Each specimen during operation will be entered into the database, digitized and its complete storage will be ensured (mounting herbarium, preparation of herbarium folders and boxes).
Second State. Upload images to Workbench and database labeling. During this state we will create herbarium database meet open data standards (Darwin Core) using specific resource. We choose PlutoF ( as data management platform based on previous experience with this resource. It can help optimize data capture and cleaning. Another important feature of this resource is the ability to publish data to GBIF (using PlutoF IPT).
Third State. Publishing herbarium database in GBIF. Therefore, together with the digitization of the herbarium, we will arrange for its publication as open data. To do this, we will need to provide a letter to GBIF and become a data publisher. Next we will use PlutoF IPT for data publishing.


General timeline of realization this project will be approximately 1 year. Firstly we need to buy equipment and we need 2 month. We prepare some training for researcher and volunteers before starting digitization process (app. 2 weeks). After that we started together First (Digitization of herbarium sheets) and Second (Upload images to Workbench and database labeling). Total duration of this two state is hurd to estimate. We plan provide this work 1 year funding by IAPT and then find new financial support for continue digitization process. After 2 months when our database will contain 3-5 thousands records we will start Third State. We will prepare letter from Kherson State University to GBIF secretariat become a data publisher.

Referee 1:

Dr. Andriy Novikov

Referee 2:

Dr. Yuriy Gamulya

Scoring Rubric

Your name:

Collection Improvement/Maintenance


1.  Contribution to the generation of digital herbarium data (digitization: data entry, setting up database structure, purchasing equipment).

2.  Contribution to enhancing our understanding of the flora by making new herbarium specimens available (processing of backlog).

3.  Contribution to enhancing our understanding of the flora by making new herbarium specimens available (shipping endangered collection to another herbarium).

4. Contribution towards improving conservation status of specimens in herbarium (better folders, protecting covers, mounting paper, labeling, etc.).

This proposal scores:


IAPT community building


5.  Herbarium's potential for success.

6.  Perceived need, extent to which the project will benefit from IAPT funding.
7. Sharing specimens with other herbaria.

This proposal scores:


Broader Impacts

8. The project will yield durable benefits (specimens, digitized metadata, databases, websites).

9. The proposed project involves outreach/mentoring and broad dissemination.

This proposal scores:


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