Committee for Fossils


  • Martin J. Head (Canada, Chair)

  • Patrick S. Herendeen (U.S.A., Secretary)

  • Heidi Anderson (South Africa/ Australia)

  • David J. Batten (U.K.)

  • David J. Cantrill (Australia)

  • Christopher J. Cleal (U.K.)

  • Robert A. Fensome (Canada)

  • Michael Krings (Germany)

  • Jiří Kvaček (Czech Republic)

  • Susanna Magallon (Mexico)

  • Stephen McLoughlin (Sweden)

  • Serge V. Naugolnykh (Russia)

  • Elke Schneebeli-Hermann (Switzerland)

  • Silane A.F. Silva Caminha (Brazil)

  • Judith E. Skog (U.S.A.)

  • Qi Wang (China)

  • Toshihiro Yamada (Japan)

Reports (since XIX IBC)

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