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Registration Committee


  • Pierre-André Loizeau (Switzerland, Chair)

  • Anouchka Maeder (Switzerland, Secretary)

  • Aaron D. Wilton (New Zealand) [replaced Ilse Breitwieser 2019]

  • Laurence J. Dorr (U.S.A.)

  • Renée H. Fortunato (Argentina)

  • Quentin Groom (Belgium)

  • Shelley James (Australia)

  • Geoffrey A. Levin (Canada)

  • Heather L. Lindon (U.K.) [resigned 2022]

  • James S. Miller (U.S.A.)

  • Alan J. Paton (U.K.)

  • Mark F. Watson (U.K.)

Plus representatives nominated by

  • the other Permanent Nomenclature Committees:

    • General Committee: Nicholas J. Turland (Germany)

    • Editorial Committee: John H. Wiersema (U.S.A.)

    • Committee on Institutional Votes: Carmen Ulloa Ulloa (U.S.A.)

    • Committee for Vascular Plants: Alexander N. Sennikov (Finland/Russia)

    • Committee for Bryophytes: John Brinda (U.S.A.)

    • Committee for Fungi: pending

    • Committee for Algae: Wolf-Henning Kusber (Germany)

    • Committee for Fossils: Martin J. Head (Canada, palaeopalynology); Jiří Kvaček (Czech Republic, palaeobotany)

  • prospective or functioning nomenclatural repositories:

    • International Plant Names Index (IPNI): Alan J. Paton (U.K.); Emma Wrankmore (U.K.)

    • Tropicos: John Brinda (U.S.A.)

  • International Association for Plant Taxonomy: pending

  • International Association of Bryologists: Matthew von Konrat (U.S.A.)

  • International Federation of Palynological Societies: pending

  • International Mycological Association: pending

  • International Organisation of Palaeobotany: Jiří Kvaček (Czech Republic)

  • International Phycological Society: Paul Gabrielson (U.S.A.)


Reports (since XIX IBC)

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