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Curator of Vascular Plants, Asia

Position description:

The Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG) is excited to announce we are hiring two new Curators of Vascular Plants in the herbarium.

With over 7.75 million specimens, the collections at MBG are among the largest and most comprehensive in the world, and we are seeking excited, creative, collaborative, and diverse botanists to join the over 300 scientists and support staff that make up the Garden’s international Science and Conservation team.

The successful candidates for these positions will be joining the Division at an exciting moment in its history as we undertake a new strategic plan to ensure we use our global leadership in botanical exploration, conservation, restoration, and education/capacity building to address 21st century global pressures like climate change, biodiversity loss, natural resource over-exploitation, and land use change. The two curators will build on and strengthen MBG’s programs in plant systematics, taxonomy, and conservation, ideally with a focus on, respectively, Asian and Latin American plants.

New hires are encouraged to establish collaborative projects, including field research programs, both within and outside MBG in alignment with the Science and Conservation Division’s strategic goals.

Closing Date: Dec 31, 2022



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