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Wandering among Dehnhardt's gums: the cold case of Eucalyptus camaldulensis (Myrtaceae) and othe

by Emanuele Del Guacchio, Anthony Russell Bean, Giancarlo Sibilio, Adriana De Luca, Olga De Castro, Paolo Caputo


In this contribution, we treat all the names in the genus Eucalyptus published by F. Dehnhardt, including the much-discussed E. camaldulensis. Current opinion would suggest that Dehnhardt applied this name to a plant different from that to which the name has commonly been applied. Hence, E. camaldulensis was conserved with a conserved neotype. Despite this, we show that Dehnhardt's original description clearly applies to the modern delimitation of E. camaldulensis subsp. camaldulensis and that conservation of the name was not necessary. Two names are neotypified on the basis of material preserved in RO and W: E. gigantea, and E. procera, while an epitype is proposed for the E. linearis. These three names are confirmed to be synonyms of other currently accepted names. Eucalyptus pulchella (of which E. linearis is a synonym) is neotypified. A second-step lectotypification is also provided for E. globulus.



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