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Research Botanist

The Research Botanist will be responsible for coordinating an integrated research program of an epiphyte-rich vascular plant family in the Americas.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

• Conducts one or more independent research programs of an epiphyte-rich family of vascular plants focusing on the American tropics and subtropics.

• Participates in national and international botanical fieldwork for purposes of inventory classification, and conservation.

• Develops equitable collaborations with other institutions to promote science and conservation

• Regularly publishes articles in peer-reviewed scientific and popular journals and assists with in-house editorial duties.

• Assists with the development and curation of the Preserved and Living Collections, including the identification of specimens to the species level.

• Collaborates with the Development Department to seek funding from private and public sources to support/build the work.

• Assists with education-related activities, including serving as an advisor/mentor to students and interns.

• Participates in garden-wide activities, and helps to manage volunteer efforts.

• Performs other duties that may be assigned by the Vice President for Botany.

Closing date: Feb 1, 2023



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