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The nomenclatural re-establishment of Athenaea Sendtn. (nom. cons.: Solanaceae) with a nomenclatural

by Izabella Martins da Costa Rodrigues, Sandra Knapp, João Renato Stehmann


Athenaea Sendtn. nom. cons. is re-established as the correct name for the taxon previously referred to as Aureliana Sendtn. (Withaninae, Solanaceae), which is a later homonym of Aureliana Boehm. (Araliaceae), and thus illegitimate. As a result, five new combinations transferring species from Aureliana Sendtn. to Athenaea are necessary and are made here: Athenaea angustifolia (Alm.-Lafetá) I.M.C.Rodrigues & Stehmann comb. nov., Athenaea fasciculata (Vell.) I.M.C.Rodrigues & Stehmann comb. nov., Athenaea sellowiana (Sendtn.) I.M.C.Rodrigues & Stehmann comb. nov., Athenaea tomentosa (Sendtn.) I.M.C.Rodrigues & Stehmann comb. nov., and Athenaea wettsteiniana (Witasek) I.M.C.Rodrigues & Stehmann comb. nov. We also provide lectotypifications for names not previously typified and a synoptic list of all currently recognized species of Athenaea, including geographic distributions and nomenclatural details.



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