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IAPT Grants 2019 - Results

IAPT is pleased to announce recipients for Grants 2019.

The committee has received 134 applications and has chosen following awardees (in alphabetical order):

ANDRUCHOW COLOMBO Ana (Argentina): Evolution of leaves and seed cones of the conifer family Podocarpaceae based on fossil and extant members of the family

BRIGNONE Nicolás Fernando (Argentina): Taxonomic and phylogenetic studies in South American Atriplex lineages (Amaranthaceae, Chenopodioideae, Atripliceae)

BRINDLEY Joshua (U.S.A.): Comparative Phylogeography of Sympatric Eucnide (Loasaceae) Species on The Baja Peninsula

COHEN Dylan (U.S.A.): Seeking taxonomic resolution for Loasa s.l. (Loasaceae) using next generation sequencing

DE LÍRIO Elton John (Brazil): Systematics and evolution of Laurales with focus on family Monimiaceae and an emphasis on the evolution of sexual systems

DREWNIAK María (Argentina): Evolution of floral visual signals in species of Verbeneae and Lantaneae (Fam. Verbenaceae) and its association with the sensory capabilities of their pollinators, with particular reference to butterflies (Lepidoptera)

GAVIN-SMYTH Nora (U.S.A.): Phylogeography of Tanzania’s Eastern Arc endemic Impatiens

GRINGS Martin (Brazil): Phylogeny of Modiola generic alliance (tribe Malveae, Malvoideae, Malvaceae) and related genera

GUERRA Ethiéne (Brazil): Systematics and evolution of Abarema cochliacarpos complex (Caesalpinioideae, Fabaceae)

HANSEN Kimberly (U.S.A.): Phylogeography and species boundaries of the neotropical genseriad Kohleria spicata

PACE Marcelo (Mexico): Anatomical evolution and diversification of the stems in Malpighiaceae: collecting the Malpigs of Madagascar

PEÑALOZA BOJACÁ Gabriel (Colombia): Elucidating the evolutionary of the epiphytic hornwort genus Dendroceros Nees in the Neotropics and testing the co-evolution with endophytic cyanobacteria

PEREIRA DA SILVA Luciana (Brazil): Integrative study on the diverse genus Cyperus s.l. (Cyperaceae): diversity in Central Brazil, taxonomy, molecular phylogeny, and diversification patterns

RACA Irena (Serbia): Disentangling the taxonomically complicated Crocus heuffelianus complex (Crocus series Verni, Iridaceae)

RODRIGUES DA SILVA Saura (Brazil): Evolution of chromosome number in the genus Utricularia L. (Lentibulariaceae)

SU Chun (P.R. China): Phylogenetic systematics of East Asian Astragalus (Fabaceae)

TOLEDO Cassio (Brazil): Systematic studies in Connarus L. (Connaraceae): phylogeny of the genus and taxonomic revision of the neotropical species

VERA CASTELLANOS Michelle (Colombia): Phylogenetic analyses and discovery of new species of the genus Russula (Fungi) associated with Quercus humboldtii in Colombia

VIEIRA LIMA Lucas (Brazil): Worldwide phylogeny and biogeography of the fern family Gleicheniaceae (Polypodiopsida)

VILLALOBOS-BARRANTES Heidy (Costa Rica): Molecular systematics in the Eriosyce curvispina complex (Cactaceae)


Recipients will be contacted by IAPT office soon.

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