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Taxon Publication Delay

Dear fellow IAPT members and Taxon readers,

I am sorry to report that John Wiley & Sons continues to be behind schedule in publishing the print version of Taxon. The IAPT Taxon team is doing everything they can to work with Wiley to get the journal back on schedule. The problems have been with the typesetters used by Wiley, which was noted in our previous message. The good news is that Wiley has moved to a new typesetting team that seems to be more capable of meeting our quality standards. The bad news is that getting caught up will take some time.

I should note that the online publishing schedule for Taxon is not as far behind. All of the research articles in issue #3 are now available online in Early View ( and work is progressing on the articles for issue #4. Once the nomenclature proposals and other content is finalized for issue #3 the content will be posted online and the issue will be printed and mailed. Much of Taxon’s content is now published online ahead of completion of the journal’s printed issue and anyone (members and non-members) can sign up to receive alerts when new content is available online (go to the journal page on the Wiley site [] and select “Get Content Alerts” on the right side of the page.

We appreciate the hard work by our Production Editor Franz and our Managing Editor Levent in this transition, as well as the patience of IAPT members and Taxon authors and readers. We are very much aware that members of our community are frustrated and concerned by these delays. We ask for your continued patience and trust that we will get Taxon back on schedule as quickly as possible.

With best wishes,

Dirk Albach, Editor in Chief

Patrick Herendeen, IAPT President

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