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Taxon print production and distribution has resumed

Dear fellow IAPT members,

I hope you are doing well in these crazy times! I am writing with an update on the production and distribution of print copies of Taxon. Several months ago I wrote to advise IAPT members that print production was being suspended by Wiley due to disruptions caused by the pandemic. The good news is that Wiley has now resumed production of print copies of Taxon and they have now printed and mailed all of the issues that were affected by the delay. Issues 1-3 of volume 69 have now been published and print copies have been mailed.

I know there are still some delays in post delivery in some countries because as of 11 August I have only received issue #1 of this year, and that issue arrived just last week. In contrast I have heard that all three issues for 2020 have been received by at least some members in Europe. So please allow for some time for delivery and if your print copies do not arrive after some reasonable amount of time please let Eva in the IAPT office know so that she can submit a claim for missing issues. What is a “reasonable amount of time”? I suppose that depends on the post system in your country! In the USA we are still experiencing significant delays so I will not worry about my missing issues for a while yet. I am sorry I can not provide more definite advice, but the good news is that print production has resumed.

Additional good news is that issue #4 (August) is well along. I am extremely grateful to Franz for all his hard work in getting us caught up! Also, please note that many Taxon articles are published online well in advance of publication of the issue they are in so be sure to check the “Early View” section for these papers ( Currently there is an open access article by Tod Stuessy entitled “Challenges facing systematic biology” available in Early View for your reading pleasure!

As I noted in my previous message, all IAPT members have access to the online journal. If you are still working remotely please remember that your member access is independent from your library’s online subscription (if they subscribe) so you should be able to access Taxon from home even if your library does not provide remote access.

Please stay healthy! With best wishes,

Patrick Herendeen

IAPT President


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