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Symposium: 400 Years of Botanical Collections – Implications for Present-Day Research

International Symposium in honour of Caspar Bauhin (1560-1624)

15 & 16 September 2022, University of Basel, old town of Basel, Switzerland

Caspar Bauhin, (1560-1624) was the first professor of Botany at the University of Basel, and one of the most prominent plant systematists of his time, a forerunner of Linnaeus. He also founded one of the first University Botanical Gardens and collected a herbarium of thousands of plants that survives to today. He published his pioneering Flora of Basel "Catalogus Plantarum circa Basileam sponte nascentium" exactly 400 years ago – one of the first comprehensive local floras.

This international Symposium will trace 400 years back from the origin of local floras and botanical collections to their significance for present-day research in Evolution, Systematics, and Global Change. For more information, see



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