Typification of a Linnaean plant: Pterospermum acerifolium (L.) Willd. (Malvaceae), based on Johan A

Rajendra D. Shinde (1), Rajdeo Singh (1) and Ranee Prakash (2)

(1) Blatter Herbarium, Department of Botany, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai – 400 001, Maharashtra, India.

(2) Curator- Flowering Plants,Dept. of Life Sciences, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, SW75BD. U.K.

Author for correspondence: Rajendra D. Shinde, rajendra.shinde@xaviers.edu

The typification of the Linnaean name Pentapetesa cerifolia L. (Malvaceae) is discussed. An illustration from Johan Amman’s Comment. Acad. Sci. Imp. Petrop. is designated as the lectotype.

Keywords: Lectotype, Malvaceae, Pentapetes, Pterospermum

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