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Dear fellow members of IAPT and Taxon readers,

We are sure you have noticed that Taxon is behind schedule in publishing this year. Moving to a new publisher is almost always disruptive and results in temporary delays in the publication schedule, and this has definitely been the case for us. The problems have primarily been with the typesetter used by Wiley. Our Production Editor, Franz, has been working hard to get them to adhere to our high standards for quality and accuracy. We are confident that the problems are well on the way to being resolved and that we will return to on-time publication before the end of the year. We appreciate the hard work by Franz and our managing editor Levent in this transition, as well as the patience of IAPT members and Taxon authors and readers. In case the delay is causing unnecessary problems (e.g. for grant proposals or for job applications) please let us know and we will help you.

Issue #2 for this year was recently published online and print copies will be in the mail soon. IAPT members can access Taxon through the IAPT website. If you have not yet registered as a user of the IAPT website we repeat below the instructions that were sent to all IAPT members early this year. Much of Taxon’s content is now published online ahead of completion of the journal issue and anyone (members and non-members) can sign up to receive alerts when new content is available online (go to the journal page on the Wiley site [] and select “Get Content Alerts” on the right side of the page.

With best wishes,

Dirk Albach, Editor in Chief

Patrick Herendeen, IAPT President

Instructions to register on IAPT website and access Taxon:

IAPT members have free access to all Taxon content, if accessed through the new IAPT website.

To access Taxon, you will need to register as a member of the IAPT website (note this is different from being a member of IAPT). Instructions for registering are given below.

After submitting your registration, it will be checked by the IAPT office staff and you will receive a response. Once you are registered, you can access Taxon by choosing My IAPT > Taxon Access from the website menu. Note that other Members-Only content will be developed in the near future.

Registration instructions:

To register select the “Log In” link on the IAPT website (, link is at the top right).

Next select “Sign up” and then “Sign up with email”. Enter your email address and your preferred password and click “Sign Up”

Your details will be sent to the IAPT office. After confirmation of your membership you will hear back from the IAPT office.

Accessing Taxon (after Registration is approved):

Go to the Taxon pulldown menu on the IAPT website and select “Taxon Access (Members)”

Select “Access Taxon via Wiley.” (Note that now all volumes of Taxon are available on the Wiley site)

This will open a new browser tab and take you to the Wiley Online Library page for Taxon.

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