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IAPT Membership - join or renew now!

Dear colleagues,

November is here! That means it is annual membership time at the International Association for Plant Taxonomy. If you are a current member your 2019 membership will expire on December 31st. Renew now for 2020 to continue enjoying the benefits of membership, and to continue supporting IAPT.

If you are not yet an IAPT member I encourage you to join me as a member to support IAPT in serving the global plant systematics community. Please join now for 2020.

The IAPT is an explicitly international organization that supports research on the taxonomy and systematics of plants, fungi, and algae. We support and facilitate governance of our system of nomenclature. We publish the journal Taxon, which is the leading international journal in our field, as well as books on a wide range of topics. We give grants for research (21 grants awarded in 2019) and collections improvements (a new program!), organize and host international symposia and workshops. And we give prestigious awards to recognize accomplishments in our field. Your membership support helps us accomplish these important activities.

Please consider sponsoring a membership for someone else. Do you have a new graduate student or a new postdoc? Why not give them a gift membership to IAPT for 2020? What better way to introduce and welcome new members of our community to the field, and to the International Association for Plant Taxonomy. Student memberships are just $17 USD. To sponsor a membership for your student or postdoc go to You may sponsor memberships in any membership category. Sponsorships may be purchased at the same time as renewing your membership.

Thank you,

Patrick Herendeen

President, IAPT

Some Instructions: Select the membership category that you wish to purchase and click “Add to Cart”. You may then select “add another membership” for example to add a spouse/partner, or select Sponsor a member”. After selecting the membership(s) that you wish to purchase click “pay now” or if you wish to use PayPal you may select that payment option here. After selecting Pay Now you will be presented with three payment options (credit card, PayPal, or manual). Select the one you wish to use and make your payment.

Important: After you have paid a confirmation page will direct you to a document with instructions for completing the final step. You should also receive this as an email message. Please follow the link to the document and enter your details to complete your sponsorship and/or membership renewal.

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