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Nomenclatural types of the Linnaean names in Zygophyllum (Zygophyllaceae)

by Pablo Ferrer Gallego

The nomenclatural types of the Linnaean names in the genus Zygophyllum (Zygophyllaceae) are discussed and revised. Lectotypes of Z. fulvum (≡ Roepera fulva), Z. morgsana (≡ R. morgsana), Z. sessilifolium (≡ R. sessilifolia) and Z. spinosum (≡ R. spinosa) are designated, and Z. simplex (≡ Tetraena simplex) is neotypified. Epitypes are designated for Z. coccineum and Z. spinosum due to ambiguity in the interpretation of their types. Linnaeus's original material of Z. aestuans and Z. nitraria could not be found, the application of the names appears uncertain, therefore they are treated as nomen ambiguum. In addition, the typification of Decaisne's name Z. propinquum (≡ T. propinqua) is discussed, and a lectotype is designated.

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