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IAPT Election Results

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the names of the new officers and council members for IAPT. We are grateful to everyone who participated in the election, and especially to the many excellent candidates who agreed to stand for election. The disappointing part about professional society elections is that all of the candidates are excellent and have generously agreed to contribute to the organization. We very much hope that those who did not win in the election are still willing to help us by serving on a committee or in other way so that IAPT can continue to serve our community and advance botanical (and mycological and phycological) systematics.

We are excited to announce the excellent group of new people taking office to serve IAPT! A few current people will continue on in the new Council (also listed below).


Mauricio Bonifacino (Uruguay)


Lúcia G. Lohmann (Brazil)


Fabián Michelangeli (USA)

Past President

Patrick Herendeen (USA)

Council Members

Sylvie Andriambololonera (Madagascar)

J. Stephen Boatwright (South Africa)

Morgan Gostel (USA)

Elvira Hörandl (Germany)

Laura Lagomarsino (USA)

Blanca León (Peru)

Santiago Madriñán (Colombia)

Anna Monro (Australia)

Tiina Sarkinen (UK)

Li Zhang (China)


Valéry Malécot (France)

Reserve Fund Manager

Warren Wagner (USA)

Editor in Chief- Taxon

Dirk Albach (Germany)

Editor in Chief- Regnum Vegetable

Lawrence Dorr (USA)



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